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August 2012

Important Report Update
Happy 10th Anniversary!
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Important Report Update - Customize NationalRad Services to Meet Your Needs

We at NationalRad - from our office staff and IT team to each of our radiologists - work hard to ensure that we meet our customers' needs, as well as patients' needs. We understand that many patients have certain or special circumstances pertaining to their case that may affect their handling and course of treatment. Please take the opportunity to share those details with us so that we can best serve you and our mutual patients.

For example, we read numerous work comp scans for our customers. Providing particular details about a patient's work comp injury is critical for our office staff and radiologists. As such, in our Patient Information Sheet, we have included spaces to identify a patient's work comp injury and provide the pertinent information.

Whether a work comp injury, liability case, or some other unique situation, please keep us informed to serve you and the patient best. Completing the Patient Information Sheet is a great start. Calling us at 877.734.6674 and speaking with one of our customer service representatives is also an excellent way to ensure the important information is received and transferred to the reading radiologist. Please never hesitate to pick up the phone!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Two NationalRad Veterans!

This month, Karen Jodat, NationalRad's Chief Operating Officer, and Kerry Margolies, NationalRad's Information Technology (IT) Assistant, are celebrating 10 years with NationalRad - and longer with NationalRad partners Michael B. Zlatkin, MD, FRCPC and Cary J. Hoffman, MD. They all worked together at a multi-center diagnostic imaging chain for which the partners read for several years leading up to 2002, at which point the imaging center chain was sold and Karen and Kerry moved over to join NationalRad.

Karen and Kerry have worked directly with most, if not all, of NationalRad's customers over the past 10 years. Karen is responsible for all aspects of NationalRad's daily operations. Kerry transitioned from her original role as transcription manager to IT support in 2010, when NationalRad moved to voice recording. Now she assists customers with IT implementation, account set up and IT troubleshooting.

Please join us in celebrating Karen's and Kerry's 10th and congratulating them! We thank them for their lasting commitment to NationalRad and to NationalRad's customers.

New from NationalRad: Announcements

PAUL M. SHERMAN, MD, NationalRad neuroradiologist, Residency Program Director at the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Kentucky School of Medicine and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine, has two publications in progress with the Journal of Aerospace Medicine. His article 'Hyperintense White Matter Lesions in 50 High-altitude Pilots with Neurologic Decompression Sickness' was accepted for publication, and his article 'Preliminary Evidence that Volume of Necrotic Lesions Due to Neurologic Decompression Alters Relationship Among Markers of White Matter Integrity' is now in revision. We look forward to seeing them in print.

WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD, NationalRad musculoskeletal radiologist and Professor of Radiology and Director of Musculoskeletal Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, was recently named to the board of directors for BALLETX. BalletX is an internationally performing contemporary ballet company and the resident dance company of Philadelphia's award-winning The Wilma Theater.

New from NationalRad: Upcoming Lectures


+ Radiology I - Approach to Plain Film: How to Avoid Errors - DONALD J. FLEMMING, MD

+ Radiology II - A Radiographic Approach to Bone Lesions - DONALD J. FLEMMING, MD

+ Radiology III - Musculoskeletal MRI - DONALD J. FLEMMING, MD

+ Radiology IV - Radiologic Approach to Arthritis - DONALD J. FLEMMING, MD

+ Radiology V - Musculoskeletal MRI - DONALD J. FLEMMING, MD

+ Tumor Management - DONALD J. FLEMMING, MD

+ Clinical Case Series - DONALD J. FLEMMING, MD


+ MR of the Rotator Cuff and Impingement - MICHAEL B. ZLATKIN, MD

+ MR of Glenohumeral Instability - TIMOTHY G. SANDERS, MD

+ How I Approach the Upper Extremity - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ Lower Extremity Osteomyelitis Including Diabetic Pedal Infection - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ MR of the Wrist: Pathology Including Instability, Fractures and Carpal Tunnel - MICHAEL B. ZLATKIN, MD

+ MR of Finger Injuries - TIMOTHY G. SANDERS, MD

+ How I Approach the Lower Extremity - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ MR of Muscle: Endomysium to Muscle Fascia - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

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