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Happy Holidays!

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As we enter this holiday season, we wish all of you the happiest and healthiest of holidays. We look forward to another great year of working together in 2014!

Please let us know how we may be of assistance as we close out 2013 and welcome the new year, and please share your holiday hours with us so that we can ensure seemless coverage for you throughout the holiday season.

Thanks for making 2013 a terrific year!

Get Critical Findings Straight from NationalRad's Client Portal!

Do you know you can be notified of critical findings through our client web portal?

Our radiologists mark positive and unexpected findings using our critical results management software. All critical findings are flagged and reported back to the client via our web portal. In addition, personal preferences can be set to notify of critical results via email as well.

Please note that regardless of how you set your client web portal and email preferences, we will still fax reports with critical findings and call to confirm receipt of those faxed reports.

For more information on how to access critical findings, please contact our office via email at INFO@NATIONALRAD.COM or by phone at 877.734.6674.

NationalRad at RSNA 2013

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Each year, a number of NationalRad's radiologists get involved in the spirit of education and learning at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Scientific Meeting and Annual Assembly, and this year is no different.

Several of NationalRad's radiologists, including MICHAEL B. ZLATKIN, MD, FRCPC, TIMOTHY G. SANDERS, MD and WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD, will be lecturing throughout the meeting on such topics as sports injuries, imaging of the hip, imaging of the shoulder, imaging of the foot and ankle, tumor and orthopaedic oncology. We have listed each radiologist's lectures below. If you or your surgeons are interested in any of these topics and would like to discuss with our radiologists, please let us know by emailing us at INFO@NATIONALRAD.COM or by calling us at 877.734.6674.

In addition to lectures, two of our radiologists, WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD and PAUL M. SHERMAN, MD will have musculoskeletal radiology and neuroradiology educational exhibits at RSNA this year, including the following:
   + The Right Tools for the Job: Can Smaller Contrast Agent Packaging Improve the Cost Effectiveness of Performing
       MR Arthrography in a Busy Musculoskeletal Division? - Rutigliano S, Zoga AC, Frangos AJ and MORRISON WB
   + Prevalence and Pattern of Gluteus Tendon Pathology and Muscle Atrophy in Older Individuals - Chi AS, Long SS,
       Zoga AC, Read PJ, Deely DM and MORRISON WB
   + Psoas Muscle Atrophy in Patients with Ipsilateral Groin Pain: Is there an Association with Prior Hip Surgery and
       Why? - Zoga AC, Hobbs GP, Chi AS, Long SS, Meyers WC and MORRISON WB
   + MR Findings in Avulsion Injuries at the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis Insertion and the Os Styloideum: A Case
       Series of Lesions in Hockey Players and Other 'Stick Swinging' Athletes - Sharma P, Zoga AC, MORRISON WB,
       Deely DM and Culp RW
   + Flexor Carpi Radialis Tendinopathy and its Association with Scapho-trapezio-trapezoid and First Carpometacarpal
       Osteoarthritis - Khan WK, Palisch AR, Long SS, Zoga AC and MORRISON WB
   + Emergency Department Acute Low Back Pain, Lumbar MRIs, and the “Real” Cauda Equina Syndrome - Minor M
       and SHERMAN PM
   + The Children of War: Overview of the Radiological Manifestations of Pediatric Pathology in Afghanistan and Iraq
       Based on Experience of U.S. Air Force Radiologists - McQuillan BF, Biko DM, SHERMAN PM, Lichtenberger JP,
       Borg BD and Jesinger RA

Please reach out to us if you or your surgeons have any questions about or interest in the topics being presented at RSNA by our radiologists!

New from NationalRad: Upcoming Lectures
Connect with Your Radiologists at an Upcoming Meeting!


+ Sports Injuries | Case-based Review of Magnetic Resonance: Musculoskeletal (An Interactive Session) - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ Musculoskeletal (Hip) - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ MRI of Instability Excluding SLAP Lesions | Current Imaging of the Shoulder: Rotator Cuff and Glenohumeral Joint Instability including Normal Variants, Pitfalls, Controversies, and Postoperative Challenges - TIMOTHY G. SANDERS, MD

+ MR of the Rotator Cuff and Impingement including Postoperative Cuff | Current Imaging of the Shoulder: Rotator Cuff and Glenohumeral Joint Instability including Normal Variants, Pitfalls, Controversies, and Postoperative Challenges - MICHAEL B. ZLATKIN, MD, FRCPC


+ MR of the Rotator Cuff - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

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