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May 2014

Wounded Warrior Project & AAOE
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Imaging of Running Injuries
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Find NationalRad at AAOE Annual Conference 2014

Join Us in Supporting Wounded Warrior Project at AAOE Annual Conference!

The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORTHOPAEDIC EXECUTIVES (AAOE) ANNUAL CONFERENCE is right around the corner, and we can't wait to support WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT (WWP) during the conference in Washington DC, May 31 - June 3, 2014.

We're hosting our first WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT VIRTUAL 8K RUN at our booth on Sunday during the Craft Beer Tasting Reception. For each conference attendee that stops by the booth and submits a ticket for our raffle on Sunday, June 1, we'll donate $5 to the Wounded Warrior Project, up to a $250 maximum contribution. Make sure you come by our booth to help us support WWP and enter the raffle - and bring friends! Click the images below for more details.

NationalRad Supports Wounded Warrior Project at AAOE Annual Conference 2014

If you have any questions about AAOE or are interested in our WWP Virtual 8K Run, contact Elaine Bresnahan at EBRESNAHAN@NATIONALRAD.COM or by phone at 877.734.6674. We hope to see you there!

Schedule Your One-on-One NationalRad MRI Webinar

Did you know that NationalRad offers educational ‘one-on-one’ MRI Webinars free of charge to our customers? MRI Webinars include guidance, tips and pointers on MRI positioning, techniques, protocols, image optimization and more. In addition, you can ask all of your pressing MRI questions and get answers that will help you improve your MR imaging.

Have as many people attend or involved in the Webinar as you like. We limit Webinars to just one customer on our end to ensure you have the time you need, but there is no limit to the number of radiologic technologists that can participate. Further, if you have any particular interests or topics that you would like to learn more about, we will customize the Webinar to meet your needs.

To inquire about our MRI Webinars or to schedule a Webinar, please contact Caryn Nolen at CNOLEN@NATIONALRAD.COM.

Diagnostic Imaging of Running Injuries - Chapter by Timothy G. Sanders, MD

Diagnostic Imaging of Running Injuries

The second edition of Running Medicine by Robert P. Wilder, MD, FACSM, Francis O'Connor, MD, MPH and Eric Magnum, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT has just been released with a new chapter from NationalRad Medical Director and musculoskeletal radiologist TIMOTHY G. SANDERS, MD.

The new edition includes expanded and updated descriptions of the care of the injured runner and features the extensive running-management expertise, information on running-injury commonalities, diagnosis and treatment and much more.

To learn more about Running Medicine, 2nd Edition, please visit HEALTHYLEARNING.COM. If you would like to learn more about the diagnosis of running injuries from Dr. Sanders or have specific questions for him, please contact us at INFO@NATIONALRAD.COM.

New From NationalRad:
William B. Morrison, MD Takes Over as President of SSR

Society of Skeletal Radiology (SSR) Logo

WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD, NationalRad musculoskeletal radiologist, is now the president of the SOCIETY OF SKELETAL RADIOLOGY (SSR). SSR makes it its mission to encourage and support the development of expertise in the subspecialty of musculoskeletal radiology. Dr. Morrison also has a new steerable needle on the market in Europe. The MORRISON STEERABLE NEEDLE is currently awaiting FDA approval here in the state. He will be speaking at the IMAGING UPDATE ITALY 2014 course in Bardolino, Lake Garda, Italy on May 20-22. See Upcoming Lectures below for his lecture topics and how to learn more about them.

Larry Burk, MD

New From NationalRad:
Larry Burk, MD Offers Comfort Talk Training to OSU's Comprehensive Breast Center

LARRY BURK, MD, NationalRad musculoskeletal radiologist and practicing holistic radiologist, will be offering COMFORT TALK TRAINING to the MRI technologists at THE STEFANIE SPIELMAN COMPREHENSIVE BREAST CENTER at Ohio State University (OSU) this month. Comfort Talk training teaches hypnosis, relaxation techniques and rapport skills to healthcare providers to make patients more comfortable.

If you would like to learn more about Comfort Talk or any of these concepts, please contact us at 877.734.6674 or INFO@NATIONALRAD.COM to connect with Dr. Burk.

New from NationalRad: Upcoming Lectures
Connect with Your Radiologists at an Upcoming Meeting!


+ Emergency Department Acute Low Back Pain, Lumbar MRIs, and the “Real” Cauda Equina Syndrome - PAUL M. SHERMAN, MD


+ Swine Hypobaric Exposure Model - Preliminary Results - PAUL M. SHERMAN, MD

IMAGING UPDATE ITALY 2014, May 20-22, 2014, Bardolino, Lake Garda, Italy

+ MSK Imaging: Unifying Principles - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ MRI Sports Injuries in High Performance Athletes - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ Optimization of MSK MRI - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ Imaging of Hip Dysplasia & FAI - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

+ MR of Knee Menisci - WILLIAM B. MORRISON, MD

To learn more about these platform presentations, please contact us at INFO@NATIONALRAD.COM.

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