Subspecialty Radiology & Interpretations

We provide advanced musculoskeletal, neuro and body radiology and nuclear medicine interpretations for healthcare providers nationwide. Our radiologists perform primary reads and over-reads, as well as offer secondary opinions and expert opinions, for MRI, arthrogram, cartigram, musculoskeletal ultrasound, CT and PET-CT.

All of our reports include detailed interpretations of pathologic and normal findings. For emergent cases, we perform stat reads and send immediate notification of significant / positive findings.

Our radiologists welcome all relevant information pertaining to individual patients and cases, including clinical indications and previous studies and procedures, and are always available to discuss cases with referring physicians. In addition, our staff will attempt to fulfill requests for customized interpretations and reports to meet your needs.

  Diagnostic Radiologists

We take great pride in the quality of our physicians and our ability to make nationally and internationally recognized, fellowship-trained, subspecialty, diagnostic radiologists and specialists available to physicians and patients nationwide. Our team has grown from three radiologists in 1999 to 17 esteemed musculoskeletal, neuro and body radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists today. As we continue to develop and mature as a group, we still focus on what matters most to our customers and patients: diagnostic excellence and accuracy.


  Professional Affiliations

Professional & Collegiate Sports Team Affiliations

We are honored that professional and collegiate team physicians and orthopaedic surgeons continue to turn to NationalRad for their diagnostic radiology needs. At present, we read for physicians and surgeons for the following professional and colliegiate organizations:

  • The Texas Rangers
  • The University of Notre Dame


Images, diagnostic studies and data are transmitted between imaging sites and NationalRad via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Once cases have been read and interpreted, reports are sent via secured electronic transmission.

Our dedicated information technology (IT) team will work with you to determine the optimal network solution and set up the infrastructure to enable safe, secure and reliable communication.


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