An expert witness or opinion can play a major role in the outcome of a medical legal case or an insurance or workers compensation claim. Read on to learn about consulting with our expert diagnostic radiology team.

  Our Expert Witness & Opinion Services

Our diagnostic radiologists serve as expert-witnesses and provide expert opinions to lawyers, legal counsels, legal teams and insurance companies. By submitting your case through our HIPAA-compliant portal, we can assign your case to the right radiologist, who will review your case history and available diagnostic imaging studies / medical images and provide detailed findings and interpretations (assuming sufficient information). If our radiologist has questions regarding the case or needs further information, we will be in contact with you to obtain that information.

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  Our Expert Diagnostic Radiologists

Our subspecialty radiologists provide expert diagnostic radiology opinions to lawyers, legal counsels, legal teams and insurance companies. They are fellowship-trained, have many years of experience and are regarded as experts and leaders in their areas of specialty, having authored numerous textbooks and textbook chapters, published hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and lectured extensively nationally and internationally.

Our radiologists' opinions and diagnoses are trusted by orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists and referring physicians, as well as professional and collegiate team physicians, around the country. To learn more about our radiologists and their work, please visit the following pages:

  Questions about Expert Witness & Second Opinions

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