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  Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Second Opinion

MRI, CT & PET-CT Second Opinions for Oncology (Cancer), Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

If you have had an advanced diagnostic imaging study, such as an MRI, CT scan, or PET-CT, and you have questions about or want confirmation of the study, results or diagnosis you have been given, then a second opinion consultation may give you the answers that you need.

A radiology second opinion can offer you:

  • An explanation of your imaging study.
  • An expert opinion about the findings and results of your study.
  • A confirmation of your diagnosis or a differing opinion.
  • Necessary information to make informed decisions when discussing your imaging results with your treating physician.

Perhaps more importantly, obtaining a second opinion for your imaging study can also empower you with more information about your particular condition, injury or disease, which can give you peace of mind and a sense of direction.

When it comes to getting a second opinion, turning to a highly-experienced and highly-specialized radiologist is critical to getting the information and answers you seek. Our expert radiologists and nuclear medicine physician will provide you with a high-level diagnostic interpretation and written report, discuss your case and imaging results with you, explain your diagnostic imaging study, and answer your questions thoroughly.

At NationalRad, our fellowship-trained radiologists and nuclear medicine physician are experts and authorities in their particular fields and highly specialized. Their experience and depth of knowledge make them frequently sought after for second opinions. They only read studies within their area of expertise, and they review numerous advanced diagnostic imaging studies with negative (normal) and positive (abnormal) findings everyday. They are committed to giving you the medical information and answers that you need. They will take the time to review your case and diagnostic imaging study thoroughly and with the utmost care.

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  Diagnostic Radiology Second Opinion Service

A diagnostic radiology second opinion can be highly valuable to you as a patient. It can increase your understanding of your particular condition, give you peace of mind and allow you to move forward with confidence in getting the medical attention and treatment that you need. Obtaining a radiology second opinion can be informative for both you and your treating physician. A second opinion can provide your doctor with a deeper understanding of your injury, condition, diagnosis and prognosis and enable you and your healthcare team to make informed decisions about your medical care.

Our second opinion consultation service is a simple process that allows you to:

  • Upload advanced diagnostic study images from your MRI, CT, Arthrogram, CartiGram or PET-CT.
  • Share relevant health information documents, such as your original radiology report and prior surgical or diagnostic imaging study reports.
  • Answer questions about your case and condition to give our radiologists the necessary background information to interpret your study.
  • Download your second opinion radiology report, which outlines our expert radiologist’s or nuclear medicine physician's findings and interpretation of your advanced diagnostic imaging study.
  • Review and ask questions about your case and your imaging with the expert radiologist or nuclear medicine physician that reads (interprets) your diagnostic imaging study.

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  Subspecialty Radiologists & Interpretations

Our NationalRad subspecialty radiologists and nuclear medicine physician are board-certified medical doctors and fellowship trained. This means that they have undergone extra years of medical training to specialize in a particular area of radiology, such as musculoskeletal radiology and nuclear medicine. Musculoskeletal radiology, also known as orthopaedic or sports medicine radiology, includes images of muscles, bone, joints and connective tissue to diagnosis orthopaedic injuries and conditions. Nuclear medicine uses radioactive tracers to image and treat certain diseases such as cancer.

Our radiologists and nuclear medicine physician are well respected in their fields and have contributed significantly to them through research, publications, lectures to their peers and colleagues and education of medical students at academic institutions and teaching hospitals. They have many years of experience in their areas of expertise and provide diagnostic services to physicians and surgeons of both professional and collegiate athletic teams around the country. Their diagnostic interpretations and reports are always careful, thorough, precise and detailed.

To learn more about our radiologists and their work, please visit the pages below:

  Questions about NationalRad Second Opinions

If you have questions about our second opinions or second opinions service and would like to discuss with a member of our staff, please call 877.938.2778 or email We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in NationalRad. 

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