We offer ancillary radiology services to our clients to ensure excellence in diagnostic radiology, safe patient care and quality experience.

  Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services

We assist our diagnostic radiology clients with the following advanced diagnostic imaging services:

  • Diagnosis and Disease Specific Protocols
  • Equipment Selection and Acquisition
  • Vendor Selection
  • Service Contract Selection
  • Information Technology Set Up and Management
  • Insurance Billing and Coding Consultation
  • Accreditation Management, Performance and Assistance
  • Joint Marketing and Marketing Support
  • Operations Management
  • Policy and Procedure Review and Guidance

  Performance Improvement & Quality Assurance / Improvement

We assist our diagnostic radiology clients with preformance and quality improvement initiatives, as well as quality assurance programs, including the following: 

  • ACR and ICAMRL Accreditation Guidance
  • Image Optimization
  • Performance Improvement Program Evaluation and Monitoring
  • MRI Safety Programs
  • MRI / Imaging Contrast Guidance and Selection
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Protocol Development and Optimization
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement

All quality assurance meetings are run by our chief technologist and director of quality improvement, Caryn Nolen, RT (MRI)(R)(M). We provide meeting minutes and work with our clients to address all standards, such as those of ICAMRL.

To learn more about these services and discuss your needs, please contact us by calling 877.734.6674 or emailing info@nationalrad.com.

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